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W.E.G.A (Web Enrichment GuArd) is a powerful DNS based web filtering solution for private homes, schools and companies with rich (live) statistics and graphs. The project was started in 2014 by Haschek Solutions and is now part of Socialcube.

Since the integration in Socialcube, WEGA has become much easier to use and setup. You can get started in as few as 2 minutes after activating WEGA and no matter how big your network is, every client (even mobile phones, smart TV's and yes even printers) are automatically secured.

If you want to know how to set WEGA up on your machine or network, head over to the SETUP page.

WEGA as an Adblocker

You can use WEGA as an ad blocker for all devices. When you select the "ads" category on the WEGA Setup page every device in your network will be ad free.

This also means about 20% faster loading of most websites and much less traffic. For most of our users ads make up up to 50% of the requests.

Anti malware and botnets

Since most malware or botnet controllers use domain names for their clients to request new commands, WEGA can easily filter them out so the clients won't ever be able to talk to their controllers. This means even if a computer in your network is infected, the malware or botnet can't act.

Over the last year, half a million malware requests have been blocked by WEGA.

What else can be filtered?

At the moment the following categories can be filtered:

WEGA filter rules

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