Event: login

The "login" event will be sent to your webhook only the first time when a user linked their account to your app/game/website.

Webhook data

The data your webhook will receive looks like this

  "event": "login",
  "secret": "secret_of_your_app_for_validation",
    "id": "5abc23af", //alphanumeric string. should be used to identify user since email can be changed
    "email": "user@usersemailprovider.usr",
    "user_token":"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz", //save this token! You need this to make REST API requests
    "lang": "en", //language
    "timezone": 2, //timezone offset from GMT
    "usertype": 3, //0->admin,1->institution admin,2->teacher,3->student
    "inst_courses": { "1":[42,48],"5":[23] } //list of institution IDs and which courses in these institutions the user is a member of


Your webhook should respond with a URL the user will be redirected to. This is usually some success page of your app or a page. You can add GET variables to it if you want to.

Example response by your webhook



If the Socialcube server doesn't receive a valid URL it will automatically retry the webhook call 5 times with 10 minutes in between. This ensures that you don't miss any data when your server goes down for a short time.


If your server doesn't answer for 10 seconds the connection is handled as failed and retry will be scheduled

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