Setting up an developer account

The first thing you need to do if you didn't already do it is to create an account as a developer on Socialcube.

You can do it here:

After verification you can create an unlimited amount of apps and each one will give you a secret and a key.

About the API

The Socialcube GradeLink API can be used in two ways. Via Webhooks and via a REST API.

The Webhook method is the preferred method although you can get more details with the REST API.

Webhooks (easy start)

What is a webhook?

To put it simple: A webhook is a web-accessible script that you own and host, which will receive data from the Socialcube server whenever an event happens like "user got XP".

So let's say you own the domain and a user links their Socialcube account with your app.

The user receives XP in their class so the Socialcube server sends a POST request to the webhook you defined (eg which contains the info which student got how many XP.


The REST API can be called proactively by your server/scripts. The base URL for requests is:<ACTION>/<PARAMETERS>

The first parameter will be an action or sequence and the latter ones are parameters.

!!! Every request has to include the following variables (POST or GET) !!!

  • api_key (the key of your app)
  • user_token (the token of the user. Obtained by the login webhook event)

All unix timestamps you send to the API are assumed to be in GMT+0

The API key has to be requested by every developer and app. The user token will be provided if the user logged in and accepted your app.

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